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Sebastian and Killian the Southern White Rhinos! Sebastian is a super snuggle bug that loves being pet behind his ears! Killian is more sass than snuggles! While there are many of these guys in the United States right now, they are running out of space for them, so we here at the Ox Ranch are happy to house these guys for the next 40+ years! Needless to say they are already spoiled. We’re very happy and proud to be a part of these guys' conservation success story, and are excited to document them growing up for years to come!

Southern White Rhino

are they endangered?

The threat of Extinction: unlike the Northern White Rhino which is critically endangered, the Southern White Rhino is one of the more prevalent species, with a population of nearly 22,000 worldwide!

Location: the Southern white rhino can be found mostly in South Africa, with smaller translocated populations found in Kenya, Namibia and Zimbabwe

fun facts

Behaviour: rhinos use mud for sun protection and insect repellent

Speed: they are fast and can run up to 31 mph

Senses: their hearing and smell make up for poor eyesight

The horn: white rhinos have two horns made of keratin and are not attached to the skull, they will grow back if broken off

Life span: they live up to 50 years

Habitat: African long and short grass savannah areas

physical traits

Size: the white rhino is the larger of the two African species

Weight: adult males weigh up to 5100 lbs while females weigh up to 3700 lbs

Skin colour: the white rhino and the black rhino have the same color skin - grey

Hair: white rhino's have hair on their ears, tail tips and eyelashes

"Ox Ranch is currently part of the efforts to re-populate the white rhino. in time, we hope to grow our herd to 100+ and be able to send some back to Africa." 

owner - Brent Oxley
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