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Wildlife conservation aims to protect plant and animal species as the human population encroaches on their resources.

From the owner...

thoughts on conserving land and protecting animals?

Conservation is all about sustainability. Many people say what should and shouldn't be done, but very few people put their money where their mouth is and expect the government and taxpayers to do it all.


There's never going to be a perfect solution, but thanks to Texas ranches many of species that were headed towards extinction are now thriving, including the dama gazelle and scimitar-horned oryx.


Ox Ranch is currently part of the efforts to re-populate white rhino. Our first pair have arrived, and with time, we hope to grow our herd to 100+ and be able to send some back to Africa.

the legacy of ox ranch

I want Ox Ranch to be available to the public for eternity and continue to expand it's conservation efforts. There are very few ranches that survive multiple generations, so there's a lot of thought and planning being put into the future to make Ox Ranch sustainable so that it may survive future generations.


We're soon going to change what people think of when they hear the words "safari in Texas or an American Safari". We'll be the only safari in America that is an exclusive multi-day experience with glamping tents, private guides, private jeeps, gourmet cuisine, and consists of thousands of animals from over 90 species free-ranging on 18,000 acres. It's never been done before in America, and probably for a good reason, at 18,000 acres, we'll be larger than the next ten most popular safari/wildlife parks in America!

I plan to be a good steward of the land with any and all decisions being made to improve the water, vegetation, and well-being of the wildlife. We are working diligently to build upon sustainability while increasing our wildlife diversity. I am not going to rest until we have large herds of any and all species that flourish in a Texas environment.
Owner - Brent Oxley
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