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  • Most kangaroos are left-handed but not all.

  • When on land, kangaroos use their hind legs at the same time to hop around; but when swimming, they kick their legs independently of each other.

  • They are capable of hopping over 25 miles per hour!  Their speed and stamina frustrate our pet wolf to no end!

  • A herd of kangaroos is called a mob.

  • The winner of a kangaroo fight is usually the one boxing more than kicking.

  • Female kangaroos are always pregnant (except on the day they give birth) and will freeze an embryo if their current joey hasn’t left the pouch.

  • Female kangaroos can tell what the sex their offspring is.

  • In Australia, kangaroos outnumber humans 2 to 1!

  • Joeys have been known to jump head-first into their mother’s pouch.

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