• Turkey beards grow 3-5 inches in a year.

  • At one time, both the Turkey and Bald Eagle were considered national symbols of America.  Benjamin Franklin argued in favor of the Turkey, stating that Bald Eagles were cowardly!

  • Muslim farmers in the Middle East were the first to domesticate turkeys.  English customers assumed they were from Turkey and thus the name “turkey birds.”

  • Merchants who sold and bought turkeys out of the Mediterranean were called “turkey merchants.”

  • Over 45 million turkeys eaten on Thanksgiving!

  • William Strickland introduced the turkey to England and was given a coat of arms that included a “turkey-cock in his pride proper.”

  • In 1519, Hernan Cortes’ expedition in Mexico were the first European explorers to discover and eat the turkey. They brought the bird back to Europe and domesticated them for eating.