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Feral Hog

Feral Hog


  • Feral pigs breed 1 1/2 times a year with 5-6 babies on average.

  • A single breeding pair of pigs could multiply into more than 20 million hogs in ten years’ time! This could turn into over 100 TRILLION pigs in 10 years’ time causing the end of the world as we know it!

  • Ox Ranch has a pet pig named Bacon and a timber wolf named Shadow; believe it or not, the two of them were raised together and are best friends!

  • Although feral hogs might look like little chubby animals, these beasts are solid muscle and can charge up to 30 miles per hour!

  • Feral hogs have been called “environmental vacuums” due to how destructive they are.  They have an extremely negative impact on tree life because their diet disrupts the rooting and hard mast that trees need to thrive.

  • Around 750,000 feral hogs are killed each year in an attempt to control their population.
    In medieval times, the wild boar was considered the most prestigious bounty because of how dangerous they were to hunt.

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