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  • 6,000 square-foot Lodge & Bar

  • Award Winning Catering

  • Luxurious Lodging

  • 5,800 foot Runway (any size jet)

  • Professional Event Coordinators

  • Near San Antonio

  • FREE Tour & Event Consultation

  • Reasonably Priced, Starting at $6,000 a Weekend!



The Ox Ranch is in the process of making an event venue unlike one ever seen before. Situated on a secluded 18,000 acres of prime Texas Hill Country, our venue provides the ultimate atmosphere for any Ranch or Safari themed wedding. Over 40 native and exotic species freely roam The Ox Ranch, with our friendly Giraffe, Zebra, and Kangaroo being photo favorites. Our truly beautiful Live Oak Creek, 6,000 square foot Lodge, Luxury Log Cabins with spring-fed lake views, Reception Pavilion, Honeymoon and Bridal Suites, and Hilltop Log Chapel are just some of the aspects that make The Ox Ranch one of the most pristine wedding destinations in the world. Call our Event Coordinator or visit our website to find out more about our many amenities and activities. (Military Tanks, Caves, etc..)


"I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my wedding at Ox Ranch. The ranch is beautiful in of itself along with the employees who work there. The scenery is rich and romantic with animals covering the entire property including friendly giraffes roaming in during pictures. The staff is great with getting deals with local vendors. Save yourself time, money, and a headache and take their advice. This venue is worth every penny as everything is done in house from amazing food, to the staff that will coordinate a perfect day. You're all amazing, Thank You Ox Ranch for making my dream wedding come true."

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