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  • Elks have a pair of ivory teeth (where a dog’s canines can be found).

  • Bull Elks have a urethra that points upwards.  This allows them to spray themselves with urine in order to attract elk cows.  They can also be found digging holes, urinating in them, and rolling around in their own urine.

  • Elks consume 8-15.4 pounds of vegetation a day.

  • Elks are able to interbreed with Red Stags and do so frequently.

  • Elks are one of the most dangerous species when in rut.

  • Bulls possess a loud vocalization of screams that are commonly called bugling. This can be heard for miles and is associated with the elk adapting to open environments such as meadows, savannas, parklands, and other habitats where sounds can travel far.

  • Elk antlers can grow up to an inch a day and can weigh over 40 pounds!

  • They can beat horses in a short race and can reach speeds up to 45 miles per hour!

  • Elks are a favorite prey of wolves.

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