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Cape Buffalo


Cape Buffalo

  • Buffalo are actually fantastic swimmers. They will swim through deep waters to find better grazing areas.

  • We refer to them as the mafia, not only because of their strong character but because they never forgive and almost always seek revenge. They have been recorded seeking revenge on someone years after being threatened by them.

  • They are one of the most dangerous of the big five because they simply ambush their prey without giving any type of warning signal.

  • If you see a lone buffalo bull, it is probably a “dagga boy”. Dagga boys are older bulls who have past their prime and have separated from their heard. They generally spend their days wallowing in mud either alone or with other dagga boys.

  • Buffalo cows have their first calves at age 4 or 5 and they become completely reliant on their mothers, right up until a year old.

  • If a buffalo herd comes under threat from a predator they form a circle around their young. All of the adults face outwards in an effort to hide the vulnerable. The adults actually lower their heads and form a protective barrier with their horns.

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