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  • Aoudad sheep go by many names including aoudad goat, barbary sheep, waddan, arui, and arruis.

  • Despite being native to the rocky mountains of North Africa, they are more likely to be found in Texas than they are in Africa.

  • It is believed that their population in Texas has increased 1800 percent since 1963 to 25,000.
    Aoudad sheep can jump up to 7 feet high from a standstill!

  • Their coat gets darker with age, but you can expect a light sandy-brown color (as they come from sandy mountains in Africa).

  • Aoudads have long hair hanging from their chests and forelegs that is referred to as “chaps.” These chaps allow them to be taxidermied into beautiful half-body mounts.

  • They are most active at dawn and dusk to avoid the heat of day.

  • Aoudad sheep create dirt beds high in the mountains to sleep on.

  • The species are more closely related to wild goats than to sheep.

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