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  • Addax antelopes are known as super exotics due to their scarcity.

  • There are now more Addax antelopes on Texas hunting ranches than the rest of the world combined!

  • They produce highly concentrated urine which helps to conserve water.

  • Herds are typically led by the oldest female.

  • Addax can survive almost indefinitely without free-standing water. They obtain most of their water needs from their vegetarian diet.

  • They are also called “White antelopes” and “Screwhorn antelopes.”

  • Their coat changes color with the seasons.  In the winter, they have a gray and brown coat and in the summer, they have a sandy coat with white coloration.

  • Herds do not tend to travel far unless food becomes scarce or a threat surfaces.

  • An Addax herd walks in single file order and as a result, leaves behind a single set of tracks.

  • Addax antelopes are slow moving, making them easy pickings for predators.

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